Hose Assembly Tool

Safer and Efficient Hose Assembly

The Hose Assembly Tool has revolutionized the hose assembly industry. Any operator now has the leverage to safely and expertly repair or replace damaged collars on site locations without any assistance.

Contact our team at 833-WTW-TOOL (833-989-8665) or write Sales@wtwtools.com with any specific need for custom sizes.

  • Safer by design
  • Proudly made in America
  • Compatible with most industrial hoses
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WTW Hose Assembly Tool

Hose Tools

Available in Different Diameters

Diameters Available: 3" / 4" and other sizes in development

  • Serrated teeth for extra grip
  • Fold-up arms for easy storage
  • Angled arms for better leverage
Hose Tool Details

Hose Tools

Safely, Saving You Money & Time


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